Flu, Strep, Airport Delays

Thursday: Felt the beginning of a cold (I get one about 3 times a year. Sure, I travel so it's to be expected, but really, 3 times?). Swam, played a bit of softball, and played an hour of basketball that night. Fitful sleep. Friday: Yep, it's a cold. Body sore from basketball - it happens when you get old like me. Ran kids around all day, watched my son's theatre performance - Loved it! He's funny, has great presence, and stole the show with his dancing. Fitful sleep.

Saturday: Played a little pick up football with friends. Ran hard and lots. Swam with kids and swam laps. A friend helped me fix up my bike. Went to a going away party for a friend and got in bed a little later than I hoped. Fitful sleep.

Sunday: Woke up at 3 am to go to bathroom, was shaking uncontrollably from being cold. Got into bed still shaking. My son heard the noises and came to check on me. He helped me get water and medicine, then suggested we say a prayer for me. Before he even started, I felt better and slept through the night.

Woke up feeling AWFUL. Had to get the kids to their mom's house and wanted to go to church. Took the kids, went to an hour of church alternating between cold and sweaty, then went home to bed. Slept most of the day, had a headache tylenol couldn't touch, finally felt a little relieved toward the end of the day, but totally exhausted. Got a priesthood blessing and took all the home remedies I could stand.

Monday: Woke up feeling SO much better, but my throat hurt pretty badly. Had to travel to CA for work, so on the plane I decided to see why my throat hurt so badly. Saw white spots on my tonsils... I talked with my friend, a P.A., who suggested strep. Yeah! Traveling and strep. Good combo, right Milkowski?

-----We interrupt this blog post with updated information!!!-----

Hilariously, my computer DIED the next morning after getting home 3.25 hours late from a delayed flight!

Boy do I feel better physically, though. I even spent some time at the pool during a break from training today.