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Camp Bow Wow
Camp Bow Wow

While running in Detroit this week I saw this.

It’s always great to see Heidi Ganahl’s Camp Bow Wow locations when I’m out and about. Looks like all is fine at this one! If you didn’t catch it, Heidi spoke at TEDx. Amazing woman.

Erma's Frozen Custard Detroit
Erma's Frozen Custard Detroit

Here's something else I enjoyed while in Detroit.

Pretty good custard, a B- grade. Was smooth and tasty, but not knock-your-socks-off. I enjoyed it while watching the sunset, people watching, and texting with friends.

Best frozen custard EVER: Witt’s Frozen Custard just outside of Columbus, Ohio, and Farr’s Frozen Custard in Sandy, UT. Witt’s is undoubtedly the best mixed/concrete custard there is. Farr’s is undoubtedly the tastiest, smoothest, and creamiest.

I also had some frozen custard from Custard & Co. this week in Detroit. Sad to say, but after a few bites I wasn’t interested. It was too creamy, too rich. Of course I didn’t let that stop me from finishing nearly the entire cup, but it wasn’t awesome. C grade.

Why did I nearly finish it when it wasn’t that good? Because it’s frozen custard. Why should I have stopped a lot sooner? Because I’m trying to get back into the shape in which I feel (and look) the best.

I’ve been food cheating about 3-4 times per week while at the same time being calorie deficit (sometimes by over 500) the other 3-4 days per week through running, lifting weights, riding my bike, swimming, basketball, softball, and or football (sometimes doing 2 and 3 of those things per day).

All I really need to do is maintain a daily calorie deficit of 300 while working out and I’ll be where I want to. But it’s a little “hard” right now since I’m in an emotional place that’s not all that comfortable so I’m compensating with food…

LDS Temple Detroit
LDS Temple Detroit

I’m journaling about this emotional place to get clarity, as well as praying, so I was also here this week.

I have a friend in my neighborhood who is really attractive. I enjoyed spending time with her last weekend.

I have a friend in Arizona who is REALLY attractive. I’ve been communicating with her for a few months about the really important things in life. We’ve shared each other’s loads, have lifted each other up, have shared compliments, and most importantly, have shared God’s love and a pure, friendly connection. I met her for the first time last Friday. It was AWESOME. A great hug, more great hugs, a nice time talking and holding hands in a friendly way. After I left, she said it felt like I took a piece of her with me. After I left, I could still feel a piece of her with me.

I had a GREAT hug with the friend in my neighborhood as well. Of course, I can be friends with both, but at what point am I a little dishonest playing out two different tracks?

I wrote a blog a few months ago (if I ever get my blogs back you’ll be able to read it) about going with the flow. I can’t just go with the physical flow on this one because even though there is nothing physical beyond hugging, I feel like I have to be emotionally full of integrity and can only give such attention to one person.

And that’s just the latest emotional struggle. I’m still trying to get emotionally whole from a lifetime of not being and I’m trying to ensure I’m healing from divorce the right way.

I hope this is the kind of stuff my friend Tracy meant when she said this is what I should really write about…it feels a little weird, but as a social researcher I should also be looking objectively at myself, no?

Oh, by the way, I interviewed another Olympian. Watch for that post.