Blogging About Real Life

blogging about real lifeTwo months ago I was in San Francisco and had dinner with a friend, Tracy. As we talked about my life and what was new, she commented that that is the kind of stuff I should write about. Apparently my books, as insightful and intriguing as I think they are, pale in comparison to my personal life (really? The World's Most Interesting Man...).

So, here's a little personal dish, albeit very belated since I've had the problems I have with the website and blogging.

I attended the symphony two months ago with a friend Christy. Not only do I love the symphony and was so happy to be sitting in that concert hall listening and watching, I had some very important and deep conversations with Christy. We talked about relationships and the associated pain when they going south, as well as how to work through that.

We also talked about how we both feel that since we're attuned to interpersonal relations that everything in that area of our lives should just work smoothly. Yet, there is a chasm between what we would like and reality. That chasm is known as life.

Even though Christy and I understand some things about how to be emotionally whole and how to not get wrapped up in relationships and invested in the outcome we both do it. Why do we do that? Because it's natural. We seek to control what we inherently cannot, and we seek for outcomes that we feel will best suit us. Luckily, there's a greater force at play and He always gives us what we really need.

Tracy was so insightful during dinner when she said that we ought not to become emotionally invested in the outcome, because it's not our outcome. Christy highlighted this point when she mentioned that toward the end of a recent relationship she got caught up in caring more about the outcome than in sharing her truth.

I could relate because of a recent situation. I wasn't sure whether or not I should share my truth so while I couldn't decide I just let the situation play out naturally. Fortunately, I've gotten to a place of more emotional wholeness and have disassociated myself from the desired outcome. I'm learning and growing every day.