Vicki Tillapaugh - One of God's Greatest Gifts

Yesterday morning I learned of the passing of a dear friend, confidant, and counselor, Vicki Tillapaugh. Vicki was, quite simply put, one of God’s greatest gifts to the rest of us. She was insightful, wise, committed, kind, honest, reasonable, able, discerning, and amazing.

It’s not just in death that I say this. I frequently wrote such things in my journal and also told her when we spoke and communicated it via email.

She guided me through the roughest time in my life with pure and wholesome love, unbelievable insight as a gift from the Divine, and constant, steady counsel to do what was right.

She taught me how to be authentic. She helped me see where some of the greatest holes in my character were (and still are, I’m working on them) and showed me how to work on them. She constantly pointed me to Him. She cared about me and my well-being, as well as every other of God’s children. She had a pure Christlike charity that directed her every move. Her ONLY desire was to do what was right, to do the one thing which was needful, and to show others the way to Him. She reached a level of spiritual development, or enlightenment as some would call it, that few in this life even sniff, much less attain.

She was a trusted advisor and kind, wise friend.

It seems looking back on it I might have known something was up. I can’t really recall the details of our last conversation, but I seem to remember something foreboding, something that could have indicated this may be the last time we spoke. Something in her tone, some statement she made as we hung up that signaled she was giving me insight as to what was to come.

And I have a confession to make – a few weeks ago, maybe last week, I was prompted to reach out to her, to email to see how she was doing. I didn’t do it. I had the feeling a few times. I was busy and wasn’t sure what I was going to say, so I let it go.

Maybe that was God’s way of speaking to my heart, letting me know something was coming so I didn’t take it as a shock. Maybe I’m at peace because I’m so grateful she’s in a MUCH better place and is free from all of the constraints of this world.

Her influence will live on in quiet, simple ways. It will bless people’s lives, like my children’s, in ways they don’t even know.

Vicki was an amazing person and certainly one of God’s greatest gifts. I wish you could have known her.