Luvnberry FroYo - travel logs from the dairy diary

luvnberry, froyo, frozen yogurt

luvnberry, froyo, frozen yogurt

While traveling recently I found a new yogurt place to try - Luvnberry at the Washington-Dulles Airport. I was actually heading to Banana Leaf, from which I had previously enjoyed a fruit smoothie and was going to test their yogurt. But I saw Luvnberry, remembered I saw them last time, and wanted to test it.

I got a taster cup and went to what first caught my eye - Peppermint Patty. With excitement for the cool mint and smooth chocolate I sucked a bit of yogurt in from the cup.

It was undoubtedly the worst frozen yogurt I have ever tasted. It was so bad that I couldn't hold back a reaction of disgust.

The chocolate was OK but had some of the same aftertaste bite as the peppermint patty and the vanilla was pretty standard, so I headed down to Banana Leaf, a known entity.

I walked all the way there, which seems to be about a mile in that terminal, only to discover that the machine was down and they were only serving vanilla ice cream.

Since I had to walk back by Luvnberry on the way back to my gate, I gave in, got some vanilla with brownie bite topping, and savored the solid C grade yogurt. Good news - the brownie bite topping was a definite A.