houston frozen custard

Frozen Custard - Houston, Louisiana

Houston Frozen Custard, Connies frozen custard

Houston Frozen Custard

This week I sampled what is likely the best frozen custard the City of Houston has to offer. Maybe it was that the weather was nice and I enjoyed the cold refreshment. Maybe it was that I haven't had good custard in a fairly long time. Maybe it was just good.

Connie's Frozen Custard (12545 Jones Rd., Houston, TX 77070) get's a solid B in my book. With the bananas, it was a B+. The custard was thick and creamy and the taste was everything good vanilla custard should be. The cookie dough mix in was standard. Well done, Connie's.

Louisiana Frozen Custard

This week I also sampled what is, sorry to say, likely the worst frozen custard I have had in a long time. The custard was not creamy, the taste was extraordinarily bland, and the brownie mix in lacked both flavor and desirable texture. In the end, it gets a C-. But don't be fooled, though; it was still frozen custard so none of it went to waste.

Unfortunately, my tummy didn't feel right for the rest of the day, which can sometimes happen when a dairy delight doesn't delight. The grade was decided well before that point, so the lingering effects didn't hurt the grade. It did, however, certainly affect how I feel about that establishment.

Even worse, the 35-minute detour to find Louisiana custard, which was originally supposed to be 20 minutes, caused me to almost miss my flight. Oh what I'll sometimes do to find the world's best custard only to be disappointed.

Luckily for me, I had grits, cat fish, and a twice baked potato earlier in the day, sampling what Louisiana does best. I also enjoyed the beautiful landscape of water ways, trees, and sun Louisiana offers. Excited to go back.