Life is Wonderful

There's too much on my mind to narrow a blog post to one topic. Authentic communication, friends, meeting new people, forgiveness, the value of great information, meaningful connections with others...

What I want the world to know, based on my experience and (limited) knowledge, is how wonderful life can be when you have good people around you. Friends who can build you up. New connections who help you grow.

Life is wonderful when people who have been hurt by your actions, ok, let's be specific, someone I recently hurt, acknowledges and appreciates your honest apology. Thank you.

Life is wonderful when you have meaningful work. Work you love doing and makes a difference. Work that is so great you haven't had the Sunday Night Blahs (that dread that fills your stomach because you hate the thought of going in to work Monday morning) in 5 years.

Life is great when you understand eternal principles of truth and happiness, when you understand positive communication skills to navigate tough situations. Life is wonderful when people around you help guide you to new heights. 

I'm still hurting from the bad choice I made and how it hurt someone, but with time, and better decisions, will come peace.