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sales performance improvement

sales performance improvement

Janek Performance Group is the leading authority on sales strategy and sales performance improvement. Cartier, California Casualty, Pearl Izumi, Chase, Visa, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and TIAA-CREF are just some of the organizations with which Janek has partnered to improve sales results.

The Sr. Sales Trainers and Consultants for Janek like me have the best gig in the world, deploying training and coaching engagements. It really is play time.

I get to know the client company through a pre-training consultation call and online research, then I get to understand their inner workings as we discuss things during the training engagement. My job is to make the training as relevant as possible to their real-world, so it's not a just general blast of information that doesn't really fit their model.

During the engagement I get to know the personalities of the training attendees, their motivations, and what they really want. On par, I have found that almost everyone is genuine in their desire to do their job better.

As we discuss sales skills and communication skills that are applicable to so many areas of life, I get to see them come alive with the excited realization of how what we're discussing will help them be more effective in sales, as teammates, and in all of their relationships. It's just a little more than gratifying.

Janek's approach has been proven effective, as organizations have experienced up to 48% improvement in sales results following training and 97% of attendees would recommend the course to a friend or colleague.

If you or someone in your professional network is looking to achieve better sales results, it might make sense to consider Janek Performance Group!