2016 Rio Olympics!

2016 Rio Olympic Games... wow!

As I was watching I was thinking of how exciting it is and wondered why don't we have the Games more than every 4 years. Of course we have this excitement because the Games are every 4 years. 

Watching Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in the semi final heat last week was spectacular. Great competitors, great teammates, great Olympic spirit. I was especially impressed with Phelps interview after winning Silver in the men's 100m Butterfly. He said naturally he would rather be on top of the medal podium, but congratulated Joseph Schooling.

When asked what he wanted his son to learn from his dad's accomplishments, Phelps quickly responded, "I don't know." I loved that answer. Humble, honest, and it squares with the other successful people I've interviewed. Some of them don't think of themselves as successful. Some have no idea what advice would be helpful for others. They only know what they have accomplished and what worked for them and they want others to live their own lives. His is a great story of a successful person struggling with the trappings of fame who now appears to be humble and genuine. My hat is off to him.

I really had hoped to have the second book finished a few months ago and ready for the 2016 Rio Games. That obviously didn't happen. What is happening, though, is I'm editing the interviews that I have done and still have more interviews to conduct. 

Here's a small snippet of what I've learned: It must be really crazy at the Olympic Village, competitors at such a high level don't make excuses, Olympians believe in themselves with some bouts of self-doubt, they have fun, they are very aware that being a professional athlete is a selfish endeavor and are therefore incredibly grateful to all who support them. So thank for your support of them.

Here's to more amazing Olympic experiences at the 2016 Rio Games!