Forget the cliches, recycled platitudes, and standard pep talk.

Get ready for the truth.

The truth about how people create success, reach new levels of happiness, and lead richer, fuller lives. 


High Performance Life: 5 Factors of Successful People

Audience: Franchisees, realtors, entrepreneurs, employees, executives, managers, sales professionals, students, success seekers, personal development enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs

I interview successful people--entrepreneurs, millionaires, Olympians, cancer survivors, sales people, managers, politicians, recovering addicts, and more--to learn from their stories. I've heard about their successes, failures, regrets, and wishes. I've learned a lot about how these high performing people show up consistently to accomplish great things, keep moving forward in the face of adversity, and find happiness on the journey. Their stories all have something in common, and it's probably not what you think.

In this customized 45-60 minute keynote audiences will learn: 

  • 5 factors of success high performing individuals share
  • How to reach their potential
  • How to balance personal and professional success
  • What it takes to be better leaders, employees, business owners, and contributors
  • What successful people do to reach new levels of success
  • How to live life with energy, purpose, and passion, despite adversity and setbacks

Do you want your audience to leave refreshed, energized, and motivated to step into the their greatness?

Give your audience the gift of wisdom, insight, and inspiration. Let them know what it takes, based on research and best practices, not hyperbole, to live a high performance life.


High Performance Sales: Close More; Build Stronger, Longer Lasting Relationships; and Do it with Ease

Audience: Sales leaders, sales professionals, customer service representatives

Learn from the latest research and best practices what top sales professionals are doing today to win more business.

Forget the 1970's approach of ABC and every other “technique” (including the puppy dog close) that you’ve ever been taught. It's time to partner with customers and clients to reach new heights.

Do you want your audience to:

  • Close more business?
  • Create stronger, longer lasting customer relationships?
  • Serve as a Trusted Advisor who consistently gets called on for repeat and referral business?
  • Use their time most effectively?

Give your audience the gift of skills, proven best practices, and greater sales success.


Customized keynote engagements that uplift, inspire, and move to action

The fusion of education, enlightenment, and entertainment

Inspire your audience and equip them to succeed with real life stories and research-based best practices of successful individuals and organizations  

Hands down the best speaker because you made it relevant
— Heather Blackburn, Sunbelt Rentals
Brandon Pipkin was seriously good at what he does. I have never seen someone so passionate, knowledgeable, and interactive. Very Impressive
— Participant
OUTSTANDING job...surpassed my high expectations
— Chris L, VP Sales
Passionate and great presenter
— Participant
..incredible speaker. Very dynamic...really very engaging
— Ann B, Program Host
Brandon was nothing short of amazing. I talked with numerous colleagues and it was unanimous that Brandon was the best speaker we ever had
— Participant

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