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21 Questions for 21 Olympians

Would you like to know what sets Olympians apart and goes in to making an ultra-high performing champion? I'm currently interviewing Olympians to learn about their lives and journeys and will continue to release the interviews (see the Products Page). Sign up for additional updates!

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21 Questions for 21 Recovering addicts

Recovering from any addiction is serious business, as anyone who has done it will tell you. These stories of these recovering addicts will give hope, healing, and strength to any who are, have been, or are close to someone struggling with addiction. Project will commence after 21 Questions for 21 Olympians.

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Other Projects

If you're looking for team building games to strengthen your team, get them to work better together, and reach their goals, visit the Dynamic Duo Events website. It's kind of like the Tonight Shows meets Minute to Win it Games. It's the most fun you can have and still keep your job. Looking to get your team to work better together and have fun? 

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