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How Millionaires Succeed: Part 1

How Millionaires Succeed: Part 1

Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing what the millionaires I interviewed did to create success. These millionaires are not necessarily gifted with extraordinary qualities, nor was there a concerted effort involved to acquire or develop those qualities. It is only in looking back on their lives

How Do You Define Success? A Millionaire’s Perspective

How Do You Define Success? A Millionaire’s Perspective

How do you define success? That was the question I asked 21 millionaires. Below are their answers. I think you’ll enjoy their authenticity, self-doubt, humility, confidence, and peace of mind – not just financially.

Line Upon Line, Course Correcting

Line Upon Line, Course Correcting

Today I'd like to share two of the key things I've learned by interviewing very successful people. Although these two come from my book, 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires, I'm finding that these principles are also consistent among the Olympians I've interviewed so far. I hope you find the principles helpful in your own life.

Millionaire Success Story Richard Zuschlag

Millionaire Success Story Richard Zuschlag

Today, I share another millionaire success story - Richard Zuschlag.

If you're wondering how successful people get where they are, Richard's story is phenomenal. I love rereading it and thinking about his personality and path. Enjoy!!

Richard Zuschlag

Founder, Acadian Companies. www.acadian.com

What Does it Take to Be an Olympian?

What Does it Take to Be an Olympian?

I'm fascinated by successful people and their journeys. I'm constantly interviewing them to find out what they have in common and what the rest of us can learn. My current fascination is Olympians. If the Olympics left you wanting just a little more, read on to learn about some of the world's top athletes who captivate us every 2-4 years.

From interviewing Erin Cafaro, Gold medal rower, I learned

Profiles of Success - Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar

With the 2016 Rio Games coming to a close I'm offering you a FREE audio of my interview with Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar.

Ever wondered what makes a champion and how Olympians reach such high levels of success?

Peter's story is one of fortuitous events converging, hard work, talent, team work, and dedication. I especially appreciated hearing his thoughts on how he knew it was time to retire and what his ultimate goals in life are.

He also shared insight on how others can reach their potential.

Click here to listen to the interview!

What Do Millionaires and Olympians Know and Do?

Greg LeVine, an author, radio show host, and entrepreneur, wanted to know what millionaires and Olympians know and do. Our interview can be found here.





Millionaire Success Story Heidi Ganahl

Today I'm sharing another interview from my book, 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires. Today's post is from one of my favorite people as I share with you the millionaire success story of Heidi Ganahl.

Tell me about you.

I grew up in southern California until I was about 13, then our family moved from Irvine to Monument, Colorado, a small town just north of the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs.

Millionaire Success Story Lane Nemeth

Today I'm sharing the interview with one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Lane Nemeth. Her story is so rich and full of amazing events, I hope you enjoy it almost half as much as I do.

You wanted to buy some great educational products for your daughter Tara and you couldn’t find them anywhere?

They were only available if you were a teacher and could go through a teacher supply house with a purchase order. I couldn’t do that so it became very complicated.