Line Upon Line, Course Correcting

Line Upon Line, Course Correcting

Today I'd like to share two of the key things I've learned by interviewing very successful people. Although these two come from my book, 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires, I'm finding that these principles are also consistent among the Olympians I've interviewed so far. I hope you find the principles helpful in your own life.

Millionaire Success Story Richard Zuschlag

Millionaire Success Story Richard Zuschlag

Today, I share another millionaire success story - Richard Zuschlag.

If you're wondering how successful people get where they are, Richard's story is phenomenal. I love rereading it and thinking about his personality and path. Enjoy!!

Richard Zuschlag

Founder, Acadian Companies.


Two times to the Wayne, NJ, location of Yogurtini have proven fruitful, even if the toppings weren't fruit on the first visit.

There is a flavor, texture, and happiness that all good frozen yogurt shares and Yogurtini has it. I believe they use YoCreme froyo. 

On my visit this week, 8/30/2016, I enjoyed the Cookies and Creme and Vanilla flavors, topped with mango, kiwi, and my normally favorite topping, Cookie Dough, which is decidedly the one downfall in the otherwise cacophony of bliss. Unfortunately, the cookie dough (now notice the lower case since it doesn't deserve the upper) is hard and relatively flavorless.

Nevertheless, I'll be back, Yogurtini. 

What Does it Take to Be an Olympian?

What Does it Take to Be an Olympian?

I'm fascinated by successful people and their journeys. I'm constantly interviewing them to find out what they have in common and what the rest of us can learn. My current fascination is Olympians. If the Olympics left you wanting just a little more, read on to learn about some of the world's top athletes who captivate us every 2-4 years.

From interviewing Erin Cafaro, Gold medal rower, I learned

Confessions from a Real Life Dad

Confessions from a Real Life Dad

I'm a bad dad. No really, I am. 

The other night I was taking the kids to get frozen yogurt before we went to Tye and Marlo's for s'mores. It wasn't until Derek mentioned that he wanted Chinese food that I gave serious consideration to the fact that froyo and s'mores, although delicious and (I can justify) nutritious, may not sustain them like I hoped it would.

We turned around,

Profiles of Success - Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar

With the 2016 Rio Games coming to a close I'm offering you a FREE audio of my interview with Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar.

Ever wondered what makes a champion and how Olympians reach such high levels of success?

Peter's story is one of fortuitous events converging, hard work, talent, team work, and dedication. I especially appreciated hearing his thoughts on how he knew it was time to retire and what his ultimate goals in life are.

He also shared insight on how others can reach their potential.

Click here to listen to the interview!

Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect

Call it addition by subtraction, letting go, or disconnect to reconnect. 

Friday, my 15-year old son, aka Stud, three other young men, another adult, and I went backpacking above Breckenridge, CO. As we left town my phone wasn’t fully charged, so to conserve battery I turned off my reception. Best choice I ever made. 

I spent 19 hours mostly disconnected from the virtual world and totally connected to the real world.